IHA Health Policy Update webinar

Tuesday June 20, 2023

The webinar is part of IHA’s 2023 Stakeholders’ Series, our outreach program that includes more than 400 stakeholders from health plans, provider organizations, health systems, and purchasers.

This webinar featured updates and insights on key legislative and regulatory activity that impacts our industry.  

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Legislative and policy updates

Legislative and regulatory activities including new health equity metrics, statewide data exchange efforts and improvements, primary care spend investments, and an overview of significant Medi-Cal reforms.


Athena Chapman, Chapman Consulting

Office of Health Care Affordability

A panel of industry leaders, consumer advocates, and state regulators give various perspectives on what is required to develop a more transparent, equitable, and affordable system of care and how current developments and initiatives are working to make that possible.


Vishaal Pegany, Deputy Director, Office of Health Care Affordability
Andrew Kiefer, Vice President of Government Affairs, Blue Shield of California
Beth Capell, Consultant, Health Access
Dolores Yanagihara, Vice President, Strategic Design and Initiatives, IHA

Moderated by:

Athena Chapman, Chapman Consulting

Provider directories

A review of activities that aim to improve provider directories.


Jacqui Darcy, General Manager, Symphony, IHA


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